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Terracotta Warriors, Strange Rashes & a Breakout!



Week 8: Just back from seeing the Terracotta Warriors and Xian. It was preettty cool although the city is pollution central - i thought Guangzhou was bad! It was also v hot and sticky which never helps my skin unless I am sunbathing.

Over the last few weeks I have had some unexplained rashes which I forgot to mention previously because I thought they had nothing to do with my acne etc... (I'm still not sure now what's going on!). About 4 weeks ago I started getting itchy bumps on my wrists and after one night of itching it turned into big red patches - these have now gone away but a similar thing happened about 3 weeks ago on my collar bone in 2 patches but worse. The skin is very red and itchy and now flaky too.... It's like eczema. I never really put the Differin or AHA there in the first place and now make sure I completely avoid it but it's not getting any better!!! V annoying and noticeable and I will be asking the derm what the hell it is....If anyone has any idea's please help?!

As to my actual acne, I was extremely disappointed when last week I totally broke out and got a few cysts in places where i never usually get cysts plus one side of my jawline is totally clogged up and has loads of smaller spots too (think it is also to do with my monthly cycle but I hoped that Differin would stop that!). In short, it seems worse than before I started but I have a few weeks left before I will go to the derm.

Differin: No side effects unless the wierd collarbone patches have anything to do with it.. Cysts on cheek bone, chin, jawline and neck (even on my good left side). V V oily skin as usual and not improving. I still think it is fading the red marks though and improving skin tone a bit. I must use it sparingly now as I need to stretch it to at least 3 weeks so I can then see the derm...

AHA: Back is still a disaster area - very hard small bumps up both sides, also some have now become inflamed. The last few days have seen a small improvement so I'm continuing. I also think the damp, humid, mouldy weather is maybe to blame for them as my friend has something similar. Another one to speak with the derm about...

Exercise: Walking and walking around tombs, streets etc. 2xdavina, 1 x yoga (i think!)

Diet: I have been eating a lot more dairy than I am used to recently! Probably 2 small portions a week!!! I'm about to take some lactose medicine to cure my dairy allergy (apparently..) too which I'm worried about now - I don't want it to affect my results but I need something that stops my acne however much dairy, stress etc. I go through.

Stress: Lots last week at work so I know this isn't helping - more yoga for me and maybe i can start swimming (although I'm now embarassed at the poor state of my back :) )

I think that's it - all in all not a great week but it's 2 months down now and I'm just goign to try and stay positive and wait another month to see - if there's no improvement then it's probably going to be accutane for me (however, I'm more scared about the BCP side of it - those things do crazy stuff to my body!) .... fingers crossed there is a miraculous improvement and soon! :|


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