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Week Sixteen: Day 110



Oops, so I kinda skipped a week. Yep. I don't feel the need for a progress picture. I get real flaky nowadays despite the fact my BP amount hasn't changed. No miraculous clearing really, still stubborn dark spots and occasional new zits, not to mention my vast amount of body acne. I'm going to try and keep the regimen going though, its worth it to prevent future scarring without resorting to the recently recalled accutane (I lol'd when I heard that, almost went there too!) Well I don't knew if its been recalled but there were commercials offering to help people write lawsuits against the accutane company. Hahaha!

But yeah. Reached a moot point. Hopefully if I keep up the regimen I'll be clear someday but its going to take a LONG time before my dark spots fade and an even LONGER time before my back clears up in adulthood.


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