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Flushing and clear skin!



Well day 3 came and went without much to say, except for my flushed face in the afternoons and evenings. Day 2 and 3 were flushed days for me. My face got hot and red at about 2pm and stayed that way until bed time. It has been a bit warm here (weather wise) and I do have a habit of flushing in the afternoons, but definitely not two days in a row and not for so long a time period. I'm sure it is linked with the accutane.

On the bright side, no new pimples/cysts at all. My skin is looking quite clear, except for the remnants of a cyst RIGHT in the middle of my forehead. I mean, if you measured my forehead and worked out the absolute centre point, then that is where this cyst is/was! Such an obvious place and I've gotten used to people's gaze wandering when they talk to me. I feel like saying right up front before we start our conversation: "Yes, that is a cyst on my forehead. Have a good look now, then we can get on with what we're talking about". They're not being rude, just curious. Hell, I'm fascinated by how disgusting those things are and it's on ME! This particular one has been there for a couple of weeks and I think it's FINALLY starting to go away, at least the top part of it kind of flaked off yesterday, leaving the raised bump less raised. It's also not very red anymore. Still, I'm trying to avoid down lighting for now :)

My skin is not really any less oily yet and my lips are normal still. I'm sure this will all change when I start the 40mg on Saturday. I'm hoping this slow transition into accutane at 20mg per day for the first week will avoid the dreaded IB, but time will tell. I'm wondering actually, do I take the 2 x 20mg pills together in the morning next week or do I take 20mg in the morning and 20mg again at night? I'm favouring the former method, but I'll ring the derm today and just make sure that's what she intended me to do.

Hey, if anyone has a comment, feel free to post :|


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