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..pushing down on me...lalala. Put on Queen/Bowie's "under pressure" on while reading this post. Have so much to think about at the moment, work and living situations the top two...and my health to think about after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. In a perfect world that would be my main priority..(just previewed this post and it is LONG. you might want to get a cup of tea if you want to read it..)I am now getting more and more convinced that diet and health plays a massive part in whether my skin is feeling good. I did promise you pictures...but a couple of weeks a go I tried to put up the links and it would let me! Bah. So, descriptions at the ready:I have Acne on either side of my jawline, above and below. There are a few spots around where a bloke would get sideburns, then a fair few below my jawline, on my neck. I also get Bacne, and recently on the tops of my arms.My acne level I would call moderate. There aren't any huge cysts, more like lots of little ones. As i've said before, the front of my face isn't so bad, just a few old red marks.Description: DONE. in true Gordon Ramsey style..Diet and health - this is the thing I want to tackle. i don't want to do BP anymore. Perhaps it's because I'm using the UK version Panoxyel 2.5% - but I don't like the fact it turns my skin so rough and dry. I'm going to try and make my skin care routine as simple as possible, and concentrate on making my diet and health better.This UC thing is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and it affects the lower intestine. This is the place where nutrients from digested food are absorbed into your bloodstream, and the waste is passed though. Because my lower intestine is inflamed, sore and ulcerated, it means nutrients aren't getting through so easily and toxins have to come out some other way...on my skin. I really think the UC is the reason my skin has started to break out again. I got acne when I was 12/13 - 18. But then when I was 19 it cleared up and I only got a few before my period every month. But this was oly a couple of cysts around my mouth/chin, only once a month - I think I can cope with that! Yes, I do get stressed too, but I those ones are the sore kind around my mouth. Then when I was 21 I started getting the symptoms of IBD, my jawline area began to suffer. And i've been reading some stuff from the Diet message boards, about how acne is a Imflammatory disease...and I have a Imflammatory Bowel Disease...hmmm. All starting to add up...So I'm really going to look into nutrition. I'd love to see a nutritionist, but in the UK, if you want to get it on the NHS (National Health Service = free) then you have to be referred and that takes 3 months. Perhaps i'll go for that..but might tru and get the money to go private. Hmm. Since IBD is pretty specialist, it might be worth going to a more hospitaly one. For now though, I'm going to try to fill my diet with things that are easily digested, and will cleanse and rebalance my system. I think the no wheat and dairy thing is still a good idea, so I'll stick with that. I am going rto have yogurt though. The prebiotic kind. And also take prebiotic pills. Also these are the things I want to try and get in as much as possible everyweek:Garlic - anti fungal and great for the blood. Asparagas - great source of folic acid, and cleansing too.Dried apricots, cumin seeds, spinach. All good sources of iron, as I loose so much from my UC.Salmon and mackerel - my main sources of protein and that lovely omega 3 thing..Tomatoes, red peppers, peaches - great for the skinStrawberries, ..and berries I can get my hands on in season.. anti oxidants, can't go wrong..Natural prebiotic yogurt - balance out those bacteria..Oats, rice, corn pasta, sweet potatoes - need some carbohydrates, if I can't have sugar, got to have some comfort!Quite a few lemons to put into my water..soy milk/rice milk/oat milk/coconut milk. Big fan of soy milk in porridge. Afaid i'm not scottish and can't handle just water and salt..White tea, and I'm getting quite a collection of "dr Stuart's" tea. Not sure if its a UK brand, but they are all herbal, stuff like echannachia, fennel, nettle..really good.Might get some Omega 3 fish oil, some prebiotic tablets and evening primrose pills..but I'm a little reluctant as I take so many meds for my UC (9 a day), and don't want to be constantly have a be poppong pills. Though know quite a few people who would love that ;)and some dark dark chocolate for emergencies..I also want to to get some light form of exercise in everyday, then perhaps something more hardcore 2-3 times a week. perhaps a walk/cycle ride everyday, and a run a couple times a week. And keep my skin routine SIMPLE. Using a very gentle organic cleanser for my face. Put loreal spf 30 for face during the day, then at night after cleansing will put Bio oil on. Great stuff, so hydrating and helps fade my red marks. Also will put Lush Dream Cream on my back if its looking particularly sore. Really cooling, also great as an after sun. Have Boots Organics clay mask to use once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. That's it. I refuse to put anymore money into waht is such a massive money making scheme in the first place. Going to really give this a shot. Think I'm going to find no sugar the hardest, so think will ease myself off slowly. hence the dark chocolate. Will report my process..good and bad, I promise!My computer's just put on "Paradise Circus " by Massive Attack. aaaaaah, much calmer.. :|


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