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Lessons Learned



Only 2 Days Left


This second to last entry, will be the top 10 lessons I learned

1. MOISTURIZE. This is a three parter

a). When you think you've put too much on, put even more on.

b). Moisturize immediately after a shower; don't wait to dry. This is huge.

c). Moisturize everywhere. Don't just moisturize your face; moisturize your legs, back, arms, even your genitals and ass.

2. Don't touch your lesions. Your skin is extremely sensitive while on Accutane and pumping zits will result in potential scaring.

3. Traveling makes the days go by much faster. Getting out of your routine and doing "something special" makes time fly by.

4. Where there is sun run; the sun become extremely powerful while on Accutane. Make your time in the sun limited and if possible hibernate from it.

5. Hell is other people. Accutane would be easy if we didn't have to see anyone we knew or cared about. Questions about what is wrong with your face are the most difficult part.

6. Juice is a food. When you go get your blood test, don't eat anything!

7. Eucerin Perfecting Lotion is a Godsend. The cleaners and night cream are alright but the Perfecting lotion is what makes the difference between looking like you got some sun and looking fried.

8. See what lessons you can learn from acne. Everything happens for a reason.

9. Lean on your friends, family and love ones. Don't face this ailment alone.

10. Acne is only temporary. .Don't let acne prevent you from living your life.

Side effects: Moderately red skin and slightly chapped lips


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