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Second laser acne treatment




I just completed my second session last Monday of vbeam perfecta and smoothbeam. Is the $1300 worth it so far? I really can't tell. (1300 is on the high side, but the Doctor is very reputable.)

A little bit about Doctor skill: I don't think you need to get the best Doctor in your area...just not the worst. I mean, my Doctor knows how to prevent bruising...but it's not failsafe. Every now and then, some of his patients do get bruising. But, some experts say bruising helps the treatment. Now, are they saying that because bruising is inevitable and want to make you feel good? Who knows. I think it's just a matter of genetics if you're going to bruise or not. My doctor said that I was most likely going to bruise, but I didn't.

Anyways, the main reason I'm shelling out a few extra hundred dollars for Doctor Bernstein is because he is constantly running new clinical studies. He's working on testing new technologies and seeing if they actually work. Hey, if someone said $2000 and 100% guarantee that you'll be at least 90% clear, wouldn't you take it? But, I also like to aim for the best doctors in my area. It's my skin, and I don't want to risk it because I'm too stingy.

Ok, onto results: Most of the improvements in my acne is probably due to the acne regimen I am on (see below) and not so much due to the laser acne treatment. The last time I was on a similar acne regimen, my face has been clearer than it is now. It did take me 4-6 months to get that clear, and I've only been on my current one for two months now. So, right now, my face is not as clear as it once used to be. That worries me. How much clearer is the laser acne treatment actually going to help me achieve?

And, even after all four sessions, my doctor said I still have to stay on an acne regimen (but possibly minus the antibiotics). I mean, you should be washing your face daily, but why can't soap be enough?!?

I think the sodium sulfacetamide has helped the most. (Read the reviews on here about it). The retin-a has actually helped rebuild my collagen. I noticed that. It gives my face a nice, vibrant glow.

oh whoops forgot i was typing this. I'll edit it later. Ok, edited. Probably still have some mistakes and such, but oh well. This is just for informational purposes only.


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