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Day 36



Sorry haven't uploaded in a couple of days, and about the pictures. I've been super busy.

But anyways a lot to say.

So, I've been training really hard for track regionals. My body is reacting to it really badly. My whole body was so sore this whole last week to the point where it hurt to walk, even get out of bed. I had to take 800 prescription meds of ibuprofen and i even missed two periods of school because I woke up nauseous. My body in general feels weak and I have no motivation to do anything, it's weird.

Although I've been feeling super crappy, I've been slowly recovering with more warming up before I run and religious stretching. Also I'm always tired and feel fatigued. My dermatologist told me if my joint pains (shin splints) do not subside we will lower my dose.

Another weird thing, last few weeks I was healing from my initial breakout, but I've been getting new breakouts when I started month 2. And I also said in my other blogs that my face and hair had little no oil but lately it's been a little more oily along with the new breakouts. This is such a random roller coaster turn.

Now my lips and face are just the regular dry nothing new and its manageable.

More than my acne, I'm more irritated and concerned with my body. I'm so weak! But my doctor said I would be clearing up really nicely in month 3 so hopefully things will be better


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