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Dated April 5th, 2010



I cannot wait to finish this almost-cruel phase of ridulous dryness...seems like I've been battling the harsh winds while climbing the mount Everest...this shit is off the wall, I tell ya! today is a little better, down with first 10 days of second month. No improvement as of yet. I cannot resist picking those little fuckers that pop up on my face, and I pay dearly for it with red scars. Looks like my face has a chicken pox. On the bright side, my back cleared up completely and back isnt as achy, since I eased up on work outs (turns out doing dead-lifts while on accutane is a recipe for disaster. An-old-and-crusty-lady-like back pain, to be exact). I still feel gorgeous, just because I know things will get better. For all of you who still struggles, I feel your pain!! There were days when I didn't want to leave the house because my face looked so bad! But things will get better, and keeping up an upbeat attitude will definitely help you get through the day, I promise! if you dont get hung up on your pimples, people wont either. Speaking of which, a buddy of mine noted that he could still see the zits under heavy camouflage, and I told him he still was a dick despite his nice-guy appearance. The dispute was settled on that. With that being said, if anyone gives you grief, tell them to go have sexual relations with themselves. Works like magic. I love you all!!


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