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Finishing 1st Month (dated 30 March 2010)



Accutane...a tale in the making

just to get this off the ground inspite of a writer's block...started accutane just a little over a month ago. I am a 23yr old girl, with a looooooooooooooooooooong history of acne, 5'8", 130lbs. Self esteem is either on crack or on a roller-coaster, as it soars and plummets along with disappearing and reappearing pimples. It was up there just last week, when things seemed to be getting better. Zits were drying up, and flirting was getting hotter. Aaand now I seem to be growing an evil twin sister on the right side of my chin, and if I pick it, it even has a heartbeat. Oh how tired I am of these painful bastards, why wouldnt they leave me alone. Am hoping for a Cinderella-like story, emerging beautiful and flawless by the end of the treatment (never mind other flaws, i'll deal with those later). But so far all I got is severely dry lips. I imagine this is what one's lips must feel like after performing felatio on 37 guys in a row. Along with similar sexual fantasies go sore back and other joints. And a banging headache, every single freaking day. And my skin adopts an embarrassingly bright red hue whenever I am either hot or stressed out.

Well, it is only the beginning of month two, so I am hoping things will get better sometime soon. Or else. I hate you, Acne, you evil bitch...


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