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134 Days into Accutane



So, had my derm appointment 4 days ago.

Updates: no breakouts anymore, just red marks which supposedly fade away with time

They're kinda annoying because they give the impression that they're pimples but they're not. i have smooth skin now. This is my last month and I'm done :|

i really can't believe it, i never thought i'd have such skin. Accutane is truly a God sent!

I gotta admit my confidence has risen so much in these last 3 months! the weather sucks in montreal right now but i'm going back home in 25 days and i cannot believe it.

It has been such a stressful month with all these fights with my friends, and the guy my friend used to like is my crush now and he's so hard to read, he has such a tough personality and I would never wanna be with such a guy but I guess that's what's attracting me to him so much, i mean the fact that he's way too confident and a little proud makes him so damn hot! But i wanna move on cause I wanna be happy and celebrate my new skin with guys and a boyfriend maybe! :@ It's kinda hard though because I'm over his place everyday he's supposedly one of my close friends(him and his roommate). JE NE SAIS PASSSS! this sucks really! I know nothing can ever happen between us but it's still hard to get over him, i mean i do wanna get over him, but i should meet new people, i need to have a new crush someone whom i could end up being with. but where am i gonna meet new people? It's not as easy as they make it seem in movies!

I know it'll all get better with time, maybe I'll feel better back home ( which i will) but i don't wanna leave the country remembering him and knowing that i wasted around 1 month .

pfffft i wish we could just order a guy online , why do relationships have to be so hard? I know u don't wanna hear this but again this is MY BLOG! oh well, well wut u need to know is that accutane works, and for those who r scared of this medication please don't, and hang in there for those r in their 1st or 2nd month. u don't really see a big difference until the 3rd month . I promise you, you'll feel better very soon. 6 months is not too long, i can't even remembe when i started! time flies by! And believe me, I know how it feels to have acne, i know it is painful, embarassing, you don't wanna go out, you don't wanna socialize, you don't wanna take pics. I KNOW! been there :) and i promise i will never ever, ever make fun of a person with acne, i totally empathise with acne sufferers and i know this whole experience has just made me stronger. So good luck to all of u, and for the red mars, do not use emu oil, it's way too greasy and makes u break out more ( derm's advice) use vitamin C oil.

oh and don't just say, it's ok first 2 months r easy, no dear no. ur gonna go through hell at first but then one day ur gonna wake up and ur gonna be like : wut the hell? is that me? lol.

MY LAST MONTH OF ACCUTANE! no more blood tests, no more pills no more anything!!

I will keep pdating u guys with everything once I'm done. If u got any questions let me know I'm all ears and i have tried like everything, i might as well be a dermotologist. lol.

Au revoir :)

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