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Day 1 Acne.org Treatment



Acne, for those who do not struggle with condition, I am forever envious! Unfortunately I have been living with acne since about age 13. Even more unfortunate is the fact that it has gotten progressively worse. I am 18 now. I have tried .01% Tretinion, and my face did in fact get better.

After a while even the Tretionoin stopped working and the breakouts came back, with a vengeance.

I am here now and ready to try the Acne.org treatment, I am skeptical, but secretly hoping for the best. Like most people with acne, I just want, at the least, a few days with clear skin. A few days of waking up without a new breakout, and a few day of high self confidence.

Lets hope for the best. I will be posting pictures weekly if I can get around to it.

Day1 -----

I have applied the 3 step Acne.org process. I have noticed it stings a little for a few hours after applying the BP. Hopefully this will go away as my skin gets comfortable with be pillaged by the BP.

Here are two pictures! It has been like a week since I have shaved so it obscure some of the acne, but they are pictures nonetheless.





Uploaded with

If you have any tips, tricks for a Acne.org treatment newbie. Please post them, especially if you know how to make the stinging STOP!

Thanks for reading!


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Good luck with the regimen! I don't know how to make the stinging stop, maybe your skin is just really sensitive to it? It doesn't sting for hours after when I do it. Although, I have been doing it for a while, and I can't remember for sure if it stung that long when I first started. If the stinging doesn't lessen to just a few minutes in a week or two I would look into the possibility of being allergic. And no really helpful tricks, sorry! the only thing I would suggest is that when you get to larger amounts of BP, like 1 1/2 - 2, when you're putting it on switch fingers. So you put it on with your index, rub it in, and then use your middle finger, and then ring. I feel like that speeds up the process a bit. Oh and I don't use a pump of moisturizer, more like half a pump as I don't need that much. If your skin is dry, you'll probably need more so I'd experiment.

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Thanks for the reply, my first one ever in fact! Yea the stinging seems to start as soon as i put on the moisturizer. Maybe I am not rubbing things in well enough? I will definitely be doing some experimenting to develop a process which works best for me.How is your progress with the Regimen? Good result I hope?Kizer

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