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And the third month...



Today i finish my 2nd month on isosupra (isotrentinoin) 32 gm a day. Just got back from my dermatologist appointment and he prescribed me the third month supply.

Three months to finish my 5 month course. My face is so much better, I can say it's clear and my doctor is impressed. My back (the main problem) is improving more slowly but improving nonetheless, but it's somewhat scarred and I should start dealing with that.

It's weird because I'm less dry than a month ago, I just moisturize my face in the morning and thats it. I'm getting dry around the mouth, around the eyes, lips are dry but not chapping like a month ago, and hair is not dry... However since the med is working, and my skin is getting better and there are no break outs I guess it's working. My doctor says I'm lucky that I am not experiencing extreme dryness and that I shouldn't worry about it.

I remember the first month I started taking isosupra, everything in my body felt funny. I was tired and out of it. I was breaking out, and it felt bad. Dryness was a new thing to deal with. Now I can say my body adjusting and returning to normal, almost same energy levels, not much dryness.. other than the chapped lips I guess I don't remember I'm on the meds for the rest of the day.

I do my lipid profile and other tests monthly. This time, my HDL (good cholesterol) was borderline low. So i'll start taking my fish oil tablets again and I think I should go back to exercise.

One more note... when it comes to waxing, the face is a NO-NO, but the rest of the body from my experience and other girl's experience from while they are on accutane, it's totally fine. I have not stopped and the only different I found is that my skin gets more red than usual after but then it is fine.

One more thing I noticed (or maybe it's a coincidence) is that body hair growth is somewhat inhibited. I have a problem with excessive body hair in some part and I can say that it has improved by almost 40-50% in two months!! Woohoo..


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