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all good things must end? 2nd course of accutane



long story short, i was on accutane from 7/08-11/08. i had cystic, nodular acne. accutane completely cleared my skin from the end of 9/08 until 2/10. around 2/10, i noticed a huge pimple, which was reminiscent of my old breakouts. hoping it was an aberration, i didn't make an appointment w/the dermatologist. once i noticed more and more acne, i finally bit the fullet and admitted i needed help. so i returned to the derm and told her i wanted ot go back on accutane. she questioned my decision, but i was adamant and started my 2nd course aobut three weeks ago. i don't regret the decision to restart, as my breakouts have continued to get worse, but not nearly as bad (thus far) as 2008.

how frustrating...


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