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vosene update



wooh! skins looking good still.

I saw my friend (a doctor) today at work and we had a chat.

He had a look at my skin cause I told him I was experimenting with using vosene and he looked at my back and chest etc an he said he was amazed at how much of a difference it had made.

i still have acne but its so uninflamed on my chest and face that it looks pretty much clear (apart from the jawline, I am fighting jawline with BP.... funkin' hormones!

he said the biggest difference was to my back where he said there had been a HUGE improvement.

so i will continue with this and try to improve my diet and lifestyle.

cut out all dairy, water, sleep, GI, veg, exersize

decided to use jojoba oil again as this regimen does dry my skin slightly and i think they would work well together.

regimen at the mo:

up, shower using vosene on hands

rinse immediately

apply BP to any large spots (mostly jawline, occasional back or chest spot... I refuse to scar anymore)

get on with day

home, get changed (fresh top at least with no bra)

get on with evening

before bed shower

wash hair, shave etc

maybe use scrub gloves first to remove grime and dead skin the rinse and shower off

use hands to apply and foam up the vosene to chest, back, face and massage in

wait for 3 mins...ish (i dont have a clock in there)

rinse off (especially important on delicate skin like lips, nipples and ...... private area! also any "catching" areas like armpits)

drywith a fresh and clean towel

get into clean pyjamas

change sheets weekly (need to get better at this)

definately improved, was nice to hear it from qualified lips though

I also used my new machine at work to measure his BMI and mine was lower.... haha!


my hand skin is a bit wierd with me on this regimen, I think I'll have to rinse my hands rather then leave it on for the 3 mins. This must happen to people who use it for dandruff too....


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