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Day Five! + basis bar + scarring/pigmentation

Laurie Jay


So I just wanted to start this off by saying that I'm glad that I've been keeping up with the blog and my regimen! Day 5 (but not really, like day 8 or so) is pretty good. Still not doing the morning part, although every night I go to sleep saying I will, and every morning I wake up later than I should. I'm okay with it, I feel that once I finally do wake up that one morning (tomorrow?) I'll be able to forever after.

So today was not a good day for me at all, and I really feel like venting but I'm not the type of person who will do that readily. Bleh, it was just a bad day. Although my laptop is now fixed and returned to me! (My brother poured water onto it while it was on and I didn't discover it until about 45 minutes later) Silver lining =)

So a little tweak in the regimen- I discovered that we had the basis bar that Dan said was an acceptable substitute to the cleanser (not the exact same one, as his says sensitive skin, and mine says the all clear bar, similar enough!). I decided to use it to shower last night and now I just used it to wash my face. Im probably going to alternate between the bar and the regular cleanser. The bar was okay, but if I had to pick I wold choose Dan's cleanser. Although it was really good in the shower. Eh, I'm probably just being picky.

So yep, that's my update. My skin still feels smooth, the existing acne I have is diiiieing haha. About two bumps under the skin that I'm waiting to see what will happen, if they fade away, or just stay there. Other than that, I'm happy about the way the regimen is going! I just need all the marks to fade! Hopefully they won't take years as have been suggested. Although I have had these marks for awhile on their own so I say its way over due for them to pack their bags. I have noticed that I have some actual scars, maybe ice pick, not sure. They don't bother me to much at the moment as I'm focusing in on the hyper-pigmentation.

Anyways, that's my little spiel on nothing for day five! Have a great rest of the night!


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