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ok so from now on im going to be updating more frequently...like everyday to tell you guys how my days went .and what not..to get the stress of my head.. so today was a pretty shitty day woke up looked at my face and the right side of my face was a mess...one big cyst i think i dont know all i know is that it was big ,,,and around it like some 4 other inflammed pimples ...this shit got me down really bad..i was fuck this im not going to school i look like shit ..i almost cryed ...i was already late to school but somehow i found the courage to go ...because if i didnt my mom would than ask me why i didnt go to school..and i dont want to show her my emotions and start crying right in front of her...all througout the whole day i felt like crying and was deprresed for the whole day....i couldnt wait to get home...skiped ninth period because teacher wasent there so why ever bother going..so i just went home.....for some reason i always hold it so i can cry at home but everytime i get home ...i dont the feeling of crying have no idea why this happens....anyways just wanted to get this off my chest ...since who else am i going to talk to about it ...i dont want to seem like a weak individual....and i barely have any really close friends ..the one that supposebly is my bestfriend always brings me down and always making comments about my face...even tho he has acne too...last time he made a comment about my face,,,even tho it been inproving...so i said ...you know what dude go fuck yourself...and just left...and i barely talk to him now...since everytime i see him ..he always makes comments about my face..i just cant have negative people in my life that are always bringing me down..i plan on stop talking to..him ..but i dont know since we've been friends for so long....but watever...he brings nothing positive to my life....on the other hand ...i do have another friend who is very supportive...hes a really cool guy that i met this year...hes always telling me how my face is inproving...now thats a real friend...we do make fun of each other but its funny...unlike my supposobly bestfriend who everytime hes with someone all he does is gang up on me and make jokes about me through out the whole day ..thats why i dont even hangout with him anymorw....fuck him...i dont give a fuck about him anymore...my life is already shitty because of my face and here he comes and fucks it up even more ;;;just fuckk him...welll anyways sometimes i feel like i have no friends....because ever since i started getting acne iv been so reclusive...i dont want to go anywere and just stay home...i feel like there is not really anybody who i can talk to and let my emotions out to.. i dont want to get made fun of...well yeah that was a minirant about my day today...i will be posting more hopefully dayly 4/29/10 five weeks into the regimen


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