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prevent the picking via blog?



So here I sit at work.

Today I have made 2 trips to the bathroom to analyze my face. i did not pick which was a plus. I dont understand why there is this urgency to look and touch but i have it. and i am sick of it.

i am 27, my boyfriend doesnt understand it, and i keep it a secret because everyone already yells at me for picking.

i had mainly clear skin and within the last 3 years my face has exploded... at least to me.

i pick and i dont mean to but i have. i went to the derm and he was mean once saying that i have pitted skin

i am now thinking about getting a silk peel to help reduce this nonsense. i just dont know.

it was nice to read some of the comments on other posts because it seems i am not the only one.

not sure if anyone will see this blog - today is my frist day on this website.. first time makinga blog.. first time reallllly going to try to stop the picking!!!!!!!!

i hate it , i hate avoding mirrors, and i hate looking intently in them - depending on my mood.

day 1 - operation no picking ! whose with me??

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i know how you feel about the constant looking and picking. its true as well, it does make it worse.but i know how upset you get with yourself for doing it, almost guilty!stay strong, i try and do other things (like play my guitar) instead until the urge passes.another thing that helps me is the though that it might matter right now to pick, but will it matter tomorrow? or what will matter in a year?scars are harder to get rid of. chin up!X

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