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Day 116 + roa



I don't know how I have to deal with this anymore. It's so hard to forget about it. Last week it was all a bit clear, but this morning I woke up with pain again. And yes, there they are: five new cysts. Aaaargh!

I took a shower and when I was drying myself my skin peeled off. :| So, I can't be in the sun and now the last bit of sunbrowned-skin is gone. Hmpf. I did moisteriser and sunblock on my face and went on with my foundation, but it didn't want to stick to my face. And now I'm so angry! It always was the best foundation in the world, I loved it. It covered up everything but you couldn't see it on my face. But since this whole stupid benzoylperoxide and roacutane started it won't work anymore.

So now what am I supposed to do? I look bad and I hate it, but I can't do anything about it 'cause make-up will just look weird. I think I'll just cry.

Acne: bad (cysts, redness);

Roa: 17 days, 20 mg/day, total 340 mg;

Side-effects: dry lips, dry and itchy hands, muscular pain, low back pain.


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