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1 week left!



I am almost done! I finally have one week left of Accutane. This blog is to keep track of how my skin is and what happens to it after I stop my treatment, including the fading of the tons of redmarks I have left over from my breakouts caused by accutane.

Here's a little recap :

Month 1 - 40 mg

Month 2- 80 mg

Month 3- 80 mg

Month 4 - 120 mg

Month 5- 80 mg

I am 5'4 and 120 pounds and my total dosage was 12,000 mg so its well above the 150mg/kg suggestion.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH THE EFFECTS OF ACCUTANE - let me tell you how much of a hard time this drug gave me. BELIEVE ME. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Month 1 I had an initial breakout from the 40 mg. It was pretty bad. Probably the worst acne I had yet, until I was bumped up to 80 mg. I have never had acne so bad when my dosage was increased. I had HORRIBLE cysts ALL over my face. ALL over my cheeks that hurt so bad. It was awful, especially since I had never had acne on my cheeks, I had only had it on my chin and forehead before. For my 5 months of accutane, I was on PredniSONE for 3 of them and Septra (An antibiotic) for 2 months. At one time I was on 11 pills a day to try and reverse the breakout that accutane had given me. I was sick 4 times, had two infections, eczema rashes all over my arms, bloody noses every day, the prednisone caused where I once had cysts to have thin skin ONLY in those spots, so it looks very weird to say the least. There is no amount of chapstick to ever make my lips not dry for more than 10 minutes, my joints hurt, especially in my feet and EXTREMELY slow healing. IF ANYONE IS HAVING THIS EXPERIENCE message me! AND STAY ON THE DRUG. really. My skin is clear now, except for ONE pimple. (And it's not even active anymore) :shhh:

I was bumped up to 120mg on my 4th month basically as a precautionary. I had stopped breaking out by then, except for small surface zits.

Looking forward to see how my skin changes back after I am done and I feel like I am literally watching the clock tick counting down the hours until no more dry lips, no more thin skin, no more dry, peeling skin and no more acne! :shhh:


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