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Day Four and such

Laurie Jay


Currently am in between treatment and moisturizer; decided to come on and update!

I had my ACT test today- death, pure and utter, agonizing death. after about 2 and a half hours my mind started to shut off. My science and essay scores are going to tank because of that but I couldn't care less. I don't need a standardized test, which is timed terribly, to prove that I have smarts because I already know that I do. Ugh, ranting sorry. It was just a waste of time, and I'm sick so it was even worse than normal. I kept asking my teachers for tissues every 20 minutes, and there was a pile of them on my lap because I wasn't allowed to get up- gross. But oh well, one test down- like a million more =p

I did miss doing the regimen this morning (again haha). I'm wondering when I'll ever get up and do it. Maybe tomorrow? I think so!

I was contemplating my skin, as I just tried taking a ton of pictures to put on (eh they were okay, I'll probably put them on later tonight). I've got acne, whiteheads/pustules/ bumps under skin (papules??), but I think my main issue is with hyper pigmentation. My skin is so dark in areas that it's like a noticeable division between lighter areas and darker. I'm hoping that with the regimen and time, it will fade as I won't have any acne to aggravate it/add to it. I've read about the peels and lightening stuff you can do and I'd really rather stay away from all of it. Money that I don't have (I wouldn't do it myself) and possible issues that I wouldn't want to deal with. So yeah- regimen you are my only hope!

So I had more stuff to say but I'm getting off as I have a phone call! Later!

BTW- still making progress!


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