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love and accept yourself?



I remember reading an article few years ago concerning people with different levels of self-esteem. Bascially, aside from high and low SE, there are people who have high SE but their SE can be easily fluctuated. In other words, their high SE can be easily detoriated by events and environment.

Though i've never written a SE test, I do feel good about myself.. well, most of the time. But minor events, such as having acne, could really make me feel bad about myself. Recently, I am trying hard to avoid mirrors for 2 reasons: 1) I don't want to focus on my face 24/7 and 2) I am having difficulties confronting and accepting who I am.

I see other people who also suffer with acne and they are living happily, making friends, having social lives, and working hard in school. But for me, I've lost...hope. I'm avoiding people, social events, and if i DO need to go out, I would wear a hat so that I can avoid eye contacts. :shhh:

Anyways, I guess what Im trying to say is: perhaps life not about finding different 'acne regimes' that could 'cure' acne. perhaps it's about a change in mentality: to accept yourself; to love yourself for who you are. And for those who are reading this and at the same time struggling with acne, please be reminded that you are not alone. We will get through this phrase together. But first, we must love and acept who we are. Good luck!

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I think that makes a lot of sence. I have high self esteem but it can crash and burn if something breaks out of my face or someone says something negative. I can understand why you are nervous to see relatives in your more recent posts.

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