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Was it Worth It?



Only 9 Days Left


So the question I'm going to get once I'm done is was it worth it? Was clear skin worth the side effects, changing the very fabric of my skin, and any other effects five months of harsh chemicals does to your body. My face looked sunburn for 4 months straight, my lips and nose were so dry and chapped that they bled, my energy levels were down. But I would definitely do it again if I had to. I'm sure that everyone has a different reason for why they need clear skin and why it is so important to them. For me, clear skin is a metaphor. Things in your life can be going swimmingly but without warning it can fall apart. The path is not always clear; they'll be tears, challenges, and conflicts. But like our skin, it will eventually clear up. Not having clear skin would be like being in a boat in the middle of a hurricane except the storm never ends. Clear skin means that the storm has passed. While another may be around the corner, the sun is shinning today

Side effects: Moderately red skin and slightly chapped lips


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