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Just starting week 8 - breakout and fast recovery!!!



I missed my weekend entry as I was working Saturday so now I'm using up my Monday worktime to blog hehe!!

Last week was a strange one - by Wednesday I was totally fed up and having a bad breakout - about 6 cysts and even my forehead broke out (which is pretty unusual - just get blackheads there) but as of Saturday afternoon, all was clear and i was just left with red marks everywhere that were pretty quickly fading. I added the Vitamin E moisturiser back in on Thursday even though my skin didn't need moisturising and I honestly think it's brilliant and really helps!! :shhh:

Differin: Beginning of week: cysts on front lower neck (urgh totally hate these), jawline right side, forehead and cheekbone rt side. End of week, red marks fading, 1.5 actives (1 is going away i think...so classing it as a 1/2)

AHA: Total disaster week for my back and even my chest that was clearing up nicely has had a small breakout! My back broke out in about 6 horrible painful cysts (which is the worst it has been since maybe last August or something...as its been pretty clear for ages) AND the sides of my back feel like sandpaper - loads of small bumps but just at sides. If anyone who is reading this has had a similar thing on AHA let me know??? Well i continued with the AHA for a few days but I haven't put it on for 3 days now. I'm not sure if it's an allergy to washing powder, the AHA, the fact that i haven't moisturised my back or what?!?! Very frustrated with it as it has gotton slowly worse since about week 3 and now disaster has struck just before swimming pool season!! Going to change washing powder (if i can find something different over here in China) and moisturise. Using aloe vera gel also..

Alcohol: ~ 5 units Sat night at an 80's party

Exercise: Yoga x 3, Davina x 2

Stress: Lots - work is crazy and had mandarin exam last week.

Massages: One horrible one on the Monday! He was poking me rather than massaging which has put me off going now.

Diet: Normal although probably a bit more fruit and veg than the usual. Found a v good cafe that does nice breakfasts now -woop! :shhh:


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