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Day 32: missed two days



Well, I took my last pill on friday night, and I went downstairs to where we keep the drugs and i was all out!? i completely spaced and forgot to tell my parents to call for a refill... So on saturday i went to go get a bloodtest and off course, dermatologists don't work on the weekends. (but atleast i got the bloodtest out of the way) So tomorrow i will probably skip some school and go to Kaiser and see if i can go get a new prescription..

Skin wisee. my lips are dry... i hate it.

It seems like i just woke up one day and my lips went from being completely fine to an effing painnn. Vaseline seems to work the best. also, i had a small rash on the back of both of my arms, but nothing some lotion everynight didnt cure.

My face is dry and it was all going good, until i had these two reddd pimples appear side by side right below my side burn!? They are pimples for sure, but no heads has surfaced. they're just two reallyyyyy really red marks/bumps. darn.

Also my nose is just intense with blackheads. I can see every single pore pushing out the nasty little buggers. the ones on the sides of my nose are falling out slowly but surely and its actually kinda cool. They leave large open holes (pores)

Prom is comin up (wooo) and i just hope that my face is decent for it.

also my back and shoulder/ upper arm acne is just dryin up and it looks pretty bad, but i dont really care about that.

on another note: before accutane when i would smoke weed i would always get annoyed cause my face would get all oily and i would always be tooo high to splash my face with some water or something. But now with accutane on my side i can toke all i want and still have a nice non oily face, woo! :shhh: same goes with drinking... I also love waking up with a dry face, haha...


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