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Day 52..wow freckles!



Haven't posted in a bit... Sorry. Time flies and with only two weeks left in the semester till finals I have had my nose to the grind stone trying to crank out a good finish to this year. I am also planning a trip to Italy this May so I have been doing a lot for that was well. It should be glorious, I have never been to Europe and I think a study abroad program will be an excellent way to go! Anyway...

My skin: I have some super icky guys on my left cheek. Three cysts right in a row like trumpet keys. I have been very good at leaving all of them alone. The issue now is that if you feel my skin all of the cysts I have had in the past 52 days have left hard knots in my skin. I have more than ten areas that you can feel these things. I can not complain--> the not picking has made a huge difference; yes the buggers still stick around for a few weeks but they are not huge scabs which I can not cover and that bleed when I touch them. I would say that is progress.

side effects: Dry lips, dry/peeling skin, neck stiffness. The muscle pain is gone in my leg THANK GODDESS! Some photosensitivity, but I like this side effect, (so far) I enjoy getting tan from minimal sun exposure (I will tell ya'll when I get my first sunburn and revoke this statement)!

weird stuff: I am sorry but again I can still not get over having dry skin on my face!!! My makeup stays on so well! It would usually separate and literally slide off my face after a few hours. Not anymore!! My makeup stays on and looks good all day. I have even started wearing less, which is HUGE for me!

OH and--> I have freckles! On my nose and some on my back, they are actually pretty cute. I honestly never noticed I had them cause I was always so focused on my acne. As it clears and my true skin shows through I can see all the marks that make me, me and not just marks from my acne. I love it. I can't wait till my beautiful skin is all that everyone sees!


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