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havent been here in a long time, MONTH 6 day idk.



ok sooo im not a 5mo. person. my derm said that ill continue to be on 60 mg this month since i still break out sometimes. and i do, like in a week ill get a pimple, and it'll go away..and yah. then same thing the next week. soooooo hopefully this month ill stop the small breakout and then i will

decrease back to 40 and then 20 and then ill be done..=)


i dont mind still taking the meds, as long as in the end im 100% clear.

i dont mind getting one ore two pimples OCCASIONALLY either after completing the accutane course, i am so thankful to the clarity of my skin right now.

my skin is actually very soft now..without lotion it will look just kindof stiff and dry.

my hair is more dry than anything.

i am just extremely thankful. my skin hasn't looked this good in a LONG time..

but ohya.. this is my sucky part. i missed my 7day window due to all this jfdvjvgsv with receiving my comprehension questions online late..and my insurance needing another prior authorization for some reason. so i have to wait until tomorrow to talk to my doc to get another preg. test to get a new 7day window..

rawr., i havnt took the meds for 4 days now..i hope i get it by Wednesday or Thursday this week.

im not going to stress though.......hopefully i do not break out..=/


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