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Day 3 of Using the Medibeam



Realising that even if this device does actually work, it's not going to be practical to use in the long run. It got delivered to my office on Friday so I rushed home for lunch (yes - I am one of the few lucky people that can do this, don't hate me for it!) and cracked it open.

It's got 3 settings: "off", naturally, "constant wave" and "pulse". The instructions recommend that you treat each area for between 6 and 8 minutes on the "CW" setting, and then follow it up with the same amount of time on "pulse". It was not explained why you should do this. I imagine that the pulse setting is an intermittent burst of more powerful rays than the constant setting, for deeper penetration. Or something.

I have quite a few spots about my person, but the problem is they are spread out over a large area. Meaning due to the size of the device (around 2 inches/5cm in diameter) I could only really treat 1 spot at a time. So I spent my enitre lunch hour (and over-running this by 20 minutes) treating 3 spots. This is sub-optimal.

I expect it's best used when watching the telly (something which I invest far too much time in than I should!) but it's still not really practical when treating areas on my back which I can't see. Also keeping the bloody thing in one place for the whole 12 minutes is proving to be tricky. On a couple of areas now I have found that the device had slid off the spot I was trying to treat, ending up treating a patch of skin that doesn't need it!

I'll stick with it for the time being but I have a funny feeling that I'll subconsciously reconcile my bad skin with being able to do other things in my life. We'll see how it goes. :shhh:


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