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Woot! almost one month gone by!



Already planning my week around the blood work and derm appointments which means... almost one month out of the way! Damn, I remember in February when I kept telling myself "only 8 more months" and now... its only 5!

The initial break out was... in a word... bad. However, my skin seems to have calmed down significantly the last few days. I've got the scars and pocks to prove its been taking me through hell, but my friends and family are already complementing me on how much better it looks than before i started accutane. The breakout lasted for nearly two weeks. It was a hail storm of nodules and cysts. But as suddenly as it came on it is now drying and peeling away.

I am drinking a lot of water on the regular. This is something I am finding is absolutely necessary to speeding up the process of pushing zits out as well as preventing the intense muscle and joing soreness I experienced at first. My back and ankles are still achey, but keeping myself hydrated keeps me on my feet.

No news really besides all that. I will try to update more often. I guess it could get a little monotonous listing every zit and every healed zit I am getting.

Good luck to everyone else out there!


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