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2 Months + 10 Days ;]



Hello Peeps :shhh:

How are you all ? i have returned to college after spring break/easter hoildays which sucks :shhh: because i have lots of coursework on my hands which is stressful. As you can see from the title its been 2 Months & 10 Days of me taking Tetralysal tablets and my mother has put in a prescription into the doctors for another 3 months worth :cry:. I guess it is helping from how my skin was like but i really don't like taking them, i did want to go back to the doctors and see if there was another option but no! i have no idea if anyone actually reads my blog entries but sometimes it makes me feel better to type out whatevers on my mind.

Good Luck Peeps!

RedLadyBug x


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