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*Day 28* - Alcohol is BAD. But I'm back on track with the regimen!



*DAY 28*


OK, its been 10 days since I last updated which sums up really how the regimens gone...

I went back to uni this week, and all the nights out drinking and seeing mates has got in the way of my regimen. Sucks. Big time.

But I am officially back on track with it from today, as bought my new supply of BP and followed the regimen spot on today (punnnnn lol).

The drinking definitely affected my skin. Broke out on both sides of my face and on my jawline/neck. Although the fact that I kept waking up late (hungover) and missing treatments and also missing the evening ones because being drunk does not help with the whole regimen thing lol.

That was 2 days ago. About 10 spots dotted around my face. BUT the great thing is that I went out and bought more BP and started back on the regimen. 2 days down and the spots are almost completely gone. Just damned red marks left as usual.


OK so the laziness with sticking to the regimen was annoying and stupid. But its made me realise just how well it was working! So I am filled with new confidence and am going to strive to stick with it.

One thing I would advise is that if you start running out of cleanser, BP or moisturiser get some more before its gone! I found that I was running on the drabs of my BP and couldn't run out to get more for a few days so that may be another reason for me losing the way of the regimen.

I'm waiting on my AHA to be delivered still and excited! (How sad? lol) But the stupid volcano ash thingy has meant that all flights are delayed so my order from USA has been held up :shhh: Hopefully be here soon.

Want to say to anyone on the regimen: Stick at it. No matter what just stick to the regimen. It works! I'm annoyed with myself for letting slip, but I know I'm on the path to clear skin. HAPPY DAYS!



WASH - Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Wash - Nice and gentle and feels really smoothing and great on the skin

TREAT - Quinoderm 3 times a day.

MOISTURISE - Simple replenishing daily moisturiser during day and Boots vitamin e night cream before bed.


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