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Still in the Que



This is my second day on my own regiment, and I gotta say, I'm already getting results. I used the usual; Spectro, Baking Soda, Glycerin & Rosewater. But I also tried something different when I washed my face after school. A mixture of Honey, Witch Hazel & Pure Tea Tree Oil. I mixed this up myself, so there are NO holdbacks on the strength. It burned like flames but it was very moisturizing in the longrun and helped bring the dry skin to show so that I could gently scrub it off. I have posted pictures of my results, even though it's so soon after starting. My skin is a bit red, and I haven't got my hair fixed in a nice way, so I look a little rough compared to a previous picture I posted of my best skin day I have had in years.

:shhh: I just realized something! :cry:

This is my second blog post and I haven't even properly introduced myself!


My name is Michaela MacKinnon. I am 16, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I love animals, makeup, reading, writing, spelling & grammar, art, and I couldn't live

without Harry Potter :shhh:. I have Moderate-to-Moderatly Severe Acne, depending on many different things that happen (stress, femme issues, oily/dry/sensitive skin you get the picture!)

I have tried DOZENS of different things to try to clear up my skin,m it all began in grade 6 (I was 12/13) I have used the following Brands/Prescribed Products:


Clindoxyl Gel





The Body Shop


Spectro Acne Care System

Sea Spa


St. Ives

Sea Breeze

And a host of other name-brand masks, cleansers, soaps and more!

As with everyone, NONE worked to a satisfactory conclusion.

WELL...I had commitment issues with Minocycline (which gave me a side effect known to many ladies as a yeast infection...I will say no more, as it would probably scare you.) It tasted terrible if it sat on your tongue too long, the restrictions were rediculous (no laying down for a half hour! I took it right before bedy-bye time) and no eating 2 hrs before and 3 hrs after (or something close to it) and the WORST OF ALL: Super Sun-Sensitive skin, I think I got a sunburn on my cheeks today because of the prolonged exposure without sunscreen. I need, like, SPF 50 to be in the sun longer than 30 mins.

I'm sorry, I'm babbling.

I'll stop for now (or until I remember something else I want to write!)

P.S. I love that I already have views, and if anyone else trys the same regiment, the honey, witch hazel and tea tree oil mixture, or even just wants to give some input, I would LOVE to hear some! No seriously, I'd love it!


I remembered something!!!

I have noticed a strong interest in Accutane on this website. I never wanted to try it, though it was an option I had, I have heard some horrific side-effect stories from a friend of mine who used it and it doesn't sound like it's worth the battle, considering what I went though with minocycline ie. Vomiting, infection, strong sun sensitivity, and plenty more c.r.a.p that came with it.

~Still keeping my bag on,



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