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Day 139;

ugh my face has been clear for so long, but i have two pimples. well, one is a cyst, and the other is a whitehead, they're both right next to eachother. partners in crime :/ i wonder why. i mean, my face has been doing so well! all i had to complain about was the redness! but at least it was clear! so no fair :shhh: i hipe they go away SOON. and NEVER RETURN!

well okay, to be honest, after i'm off accutane for a while, this would be fine. but i kinda thought this just didnt happen after being on it so long, especially since i quickle cleared up and have been for so long. i mean, dont the oil glands sort of shut down?

oh well. i'm also thinking about what my derm said. i went on monday, and she said as long as i stay clear this should be my last month. so i guess as long as i dont get any after this then it is still my last month. but if i do... i'm SO going to want to stay on it a little longer.

i really havent been taking 2 pills every other day like i'm supposed to, just one everyday. but i started doing that again once i noticed the blemish. i'm going to take 2 every day for a little while to catch up. and now i just have to hope to clear back up and stay clear!!!

i was so excited to be almost done! i hear everyone saying that accutane makes your skin heal slower, but once they're off their scars fade in no time, then they have 100% flawless skin! i want that! but this is so discouraging :shhh: even if i am blowing it out of propotion haha


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