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Week Fifteen: Day Ninety-Nine



Wow. Almost 100 days. Well my skin's doing well. There are little bumps but I don't mind. Getting to itch my face is worth it in my point of view ^^;;

So, . . . my day didn't go so well. My self confidence is awesome with everything except other people. I get shy and care so much about making good impressions that I come off as conceited or really quiet. Hate that. Then if I talk I come off like an airhead or a brain or sometimes simply a nice person, but I always feel like an ugly airhead. I wonder how many other girls feel that way, and I wonder how many of them wallow in it, how many of them accept it, how many of them hide it by avoiding other people, and how many other people thrive on it. Maybe if I lost twenty pounds and wore tighter clothes I'd get a date now and then. Or maybe if I started acting like a b**** I'd be able to fake some confidence. I feel like I'm part of the wall. The part that has an abandoned bees nest in it. Basically the one with a lot of holes no one else can see. But no one can help me. I have a friend to talk to about it, but she's heard it all and simply makes promises about my future I can't believe in. Other people are good to talk to as well but the less I spread the drama, the better. Very little is wrong except for the way I feel. I think I'm simply very tired.


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