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Carley's Clear and Smooth-AWFUL



people, i am the first it seems to write a negative review about this product, as a blog. But i am going to tell of my personal experience. THIS PRODUCT DOE NOT WORK AT ALL. I do not understand how this is one of the top rated products on here, because there are so many things wrong with it that will only cause break outs. Number 1. Scrubbing you face with a wash cloth is a BAD idea. BAD BAD BAD. It causes so much inflammation and is terrible for acne. Number two. THe scrub that is supposed to clear your acne has so many harsh oils in it and ingredients that will of course clog your pores. It has really bizarre ingredients, you should look into them and see what they are--you will be shocked. Plus, the benzoyl peroxide in it doesn't stay on your skin long enough to do anything to help your acne. Number three, bar soap is a bad idea. PERIOD. :shhh:

Let me tell my story:I got this product because i fell for all the "fantastic" reviews on this site. And now, i believe all of those reviews are fake. I got the product, and was so excited, because i finally thought i found something that would clear my acne-which really wasn't that bad but i though that it was-but i had no idea how bad it could get until i used this product. I bought it and the first day my skin felt great after using it. It was exfoliated basically. But then, after a week, i developed tiny bumps EVERYWHEREEEEE. I assumed it was just the purging process. But then it got worse. and worse. and worse. but then it seemed to be clearing again, so i figured it was done. But no. suddenly, i developed SEVERE CYSTIC ACNE that took absolutely the longest time possible ever to go away. the zits were huge, painful, embarrassing, and left big red scars by the time they finally went away. I was so determined that this would be THE product though, because i was so convinced by the reviews on this site and the carley's site. I was emotionally wrecked, lost my social life because i didn't want to go anywhere, and went on a crazy diet with no junk food because i thought that was the reason for my breakouts. It couldn't possibly be this "miracle cure"

Finally, though, i came to my sense, realizing that Carley's was the problem. I had been on it for months, and my skin was the worse it had ever been in my life. By far. So i went off of it, and tried new products, and my skin was immediately sooo much better. I couldn't believe it. So, i decided to share my experience by writing a review in the review section, because there didn't seem to be too many negative reviews for some reason. So, i posted it. And you know what?? After that more and more negative reviews came up. Maybe 5. But then, about 20 positive ones popped up, it seemed like to try to maintain the high rating on the site. Im starting to think that al lot of these reviews are not being honest because what is the chance of that. Plus, why are people never documenting their "miraculous" improvements.

Well people, that was my review. Please read carefully and take my advice.


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