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Day 14



There are officially no pimples on my face!!!!Wooo! So, my face is fantastic right now!About last week, I had a really bad breakout again, but that was to be expected, I was on my period, had just started a new face regime, and was eating a looot of bad food (See: On my period lol).But I just kept on truckin' and now there are no more active pimples! A few red marks, especially around my chin, but they are fading fast :)Now my biggest problem is skin flakiness. Right after the breakout my skin looked like monster skin, all red and peely. I could literally take it off in flakes. Then I went to the closest health food store and picked up some Jojoba & vitamin E oil (I wanted just Jojoba oil but they didn't have any). Now I am putting that on with my moisturizer at night and in the morning. Luckily it doesn't make me to oily - I have fairly dry skin in the first place - and the flakiness is still there, but much more controllable.All in all I am VERY happy with the Regimen so far. This is the first time in almost a year where I can go outside and see people and not want to hide under a rock if I'm not wearing makeup. Hopefully my skin will stay this nice! I want to start using AHA next week, because I am very tempted by perfect skin :shhh: We shall see how this goes lol.MoS


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