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Day 26




So I won first and third place today! I also got my period ehh. So I definitely noticed some changes today that is note-worthy. When I touch my face it is so smooth and I can barely feel any bumps. It feels really nice today like I couldn't believe the sudden smoothness. My mom also noticed that my face was smoother today. Ok so I have a lot of theories, but I think it's because I finally got my period and usually I break out a couple of days I get it and my acne starts to go away. So it could possibly be that, but nevertheless I see definite improvement today.

I lost my Nivea Kiss of Moisture chap stick at the track today, but i only had like a centimeter left. I used a new stick in like 1 and a half weeks! weird but I went to Vonz and bought Aquaphor healing ointment and this stuff works way better. It's my personal favorite compared to Nivea, Burts and Bees, and the Classic Chapstick.

No new bumps today or at least I haven't noticed haha. I notice small little patches of dry reddish skin that are like rashes, but I put on some prescription ointment my brother had when he got rashes from accutane last year. It was almost gone after.

So side effects that I actually noticed were: dry lips


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