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Week Fifteen: Day Ninety-Eight



Arrgh! So my skin was dry and REALLY flaky ALL day!!! And then I went to the bathroom and had this pinhole of blood right inbetween my eyes from a popped zit I wasn't even aware of! I know I itched my face quite a bit but I never touched myself inbetween my eyes, I mean, I'd remember that! Didn't even know I had a zit there! So unfair, I thought it was food or something (didn't know what 'cause i didn't eat anything red but whatever) so I tried to get it off, resulting in more blood! Grr!

Oh and I've decided to hault progress pictures for now. Its too much of a hassle and a let down to see how much I'm backpedling/not improving.

Oh, and as for my life! Well school is making uber sense now!! Yess!! My love life is basically the same, STABLE. Haha. I do have one, it simply involves good friendships with the opposite gender verses dramatical relationships. In highschool I think thats even BETTER. To learn to love a friend without involving envy of other girls they might show interest in, to befriend their family without any awkwardness of 'oh geez its the guy I like's family I need to make a good impression!' (in junior high I thought that and smiled hugely at them, got the weirdest look of my life XD)

In college hopefully I'll actually date or have a long term relationship or even get married. I'd like to marry young, or at least be in a meaningful relationship which results in marriage later in life. But as long as it actually lasts until death do us part I will be VERY happy about it :shhh:

And I'm getting a little better at self control. Not much, but little by little XP


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