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On my third month..



So I'm two weeks away from being on the Tane for 4 months! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! So I went home over Easter break and my mom said my skin is a 75% improvement! I'm really excited with the results so far..I guess since I see my skin everyday I'm a little critical.

Well my forehead is clear minus one little zit that's going away now. My left cheek is a little pimply, but they're getting better too. It's just annoying cause I want clear skin so badly, and I know it's going to happen I'm just impatient. My right cheek is better than the left, with only one zit right now, and reduced redness and drying.

I started using Aquaphor on my lips and the cracked sides and its a miracle! They have gotten better ever since I started using it, and I'm so happy they're not a ugly as before.

My back and shoulders are remarkably better-I cannot fathom they would be this much clearer by month 4. Its like just old red marks from acne of the past.

I guess I never really knew the scope of my acne-I mean don;t get me wrong I'm still really self-conscious and all but now that my skin is clearing up I see how bad it used to be, and I know now Accutane was the right choice..I sound like a commercial haha..

The sun has been an issue..but spray Aveeno sunscreen has been working for my body and for my face I use Cetaphil UVB/UVA 50. I try to avoid prolonged exposure because I'm pale to begin with and the Tane ain't too kind with sun.

I don't know..sometimes I hope my derm will say I won't need the whole 6 month cycle..but I really want this $hit gone so I'm willing. Nothing like starting Junior year with clear skin, eh?


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