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Day 25



My face seems to be improving. Looks and feels better today :shhh:. Bumps are going away and complexion getting better, but still a couple of small bumps on the sides of my cheeks and on the side of my eyebrow i have one ehh.

Side effects: dry lips

I think it's almost kicking in full drive, just gotta be patient! Tomorrow is the last official track meet for the season, but not for me because I have to go to regionals. So over track now, I have to study for 4 AP exams as well :/. But I know it'll all be over soon and my acne will be gone as well :shhh:. So ready for the summer!!

Also I noticed my side effects are almost nothing compared to some other people, I'm in the sun everyday for 2 hours without sun screen and I don't burn, my hair doesn't fall out, and my skin is not peeling. Only lips, I guess I'm lucky :cry: woot!


I think they say stay out of sunlight because of risk of skin cancer, since your skin is like a baby's skin. I was out in the sun ALLLL day yesterday and I got a really nice tan on my arms. haha. no sun screen. i didn't even burn im shocked lol. My side affects are Weight gain, dry lips, skin, headaches.. body pains.. ect lol. I've been taking accutane since November 2nd 2009. Hopefully I'll be done next week :) it worked for me hella good. I got scars left. No acne :) but tanning can get rid of those scars. the ones i have anyways. O.O Good luck with your Accutane :D

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I'm so glad it worked for you! Did you have moderate, persistent acne like me? or a more severe case? Just wondering, but yeah I'm loving this not burning, almost regular skin haha. I actually noticed some light rashes on my arms but very small. But yeah keep in touch! :)

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I am taking four AP tests too! :) Except I only feel comfortable with one of them haha. I am starting to regret signing up for all of them. I'm takin the Calc AB, Macro/Micro Econ, and Psychology. I only really know the math one though..

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