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End of month 5



So I had a derm appointment yesterday to end my month 5. Now, I'm a little nervous to share this but I'm just going to be honest. So he checks me out, and he says, "Well I think we should stop now and not do the 6th month, your skin looks good, and I think your in remission." Great right? Should be great in theory, but I left the office and had like a full blown panic attack. I mean, I freaked the f*ck out. For some reason the thought of stopping early when I had been prepared for 6 months all this time really just didn't sit well with me. I know why too, its because a few months back when I went to my gyno for an appointment she told me, "Oh ya, my daughter did Accutane, but she stopped a few weeks early, and I think that really hindered her treatment because a lot of it came back. So make sure you do the full course." So with this in the back of my mind, I called my derms office (in tears) asking to be put on a 6th month. The nurse talked to the doc, and they said they would let me. I don't know why I got as much anxiety about the situation as I did. I'm pretty embarrassed. But so anyways, I'm doing a 6th month, and then the nurse also said after month 6th he can put me on a low low dose to ween my way off. Which I'm not sure I want. I just want the full 6 months and then that's that. Hopefully I wont have an issue with stopping after this last 30 days. It's weird how it kinda becomes apart of your routine. Just like how before I went on accutane I was afraid of what would happen, now to be off of it I'm afraid of what will happen. Skin look good tho, few stubborn scares still. But I think those will definitely fad with time, especially when I'm off the accutane.


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