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Skin Rash Update



The past week has been up and down.

My sun rash bumps are completely gone. I can't believe how gross the rash was and how long it took to go away. But just glad it's gone and no scars or marks.

I used the locoid lotion night and day. i think it might have helped but also the fact that the rash was already on it's way to healing.

Had a pretty bad cyst on my chin. it came to the surfaced and drained a little bit. All along my right side of my chin I have a line of about 8 bumps (small) under my skin. worrisome to say the least.

I started using Clenia on my face since I'm just worried about breaking out a lot since i stopped using other things while using the locoid for 10 days.

Getting back into my doctor's office the 28th for a check up and going to start trying new products one by one. Though I really think that the rash was solely the mircoderm and some sunlight reaction.

I guess the good news is that I'm not getting anything new new right now. I have bumps coming up but they are all in places I know where there. Though I lied I can feel like there might be others on my chin.

Frustrating but a little better knowing my dermatologist is on my side.

Excited for May and Olay bringing back their zinc oxide formula.


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