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Week Fourteen: Day Ninety Six



Wow, so I now fail at keeping a daily skin blog. Well anyways I used aha as a moisturizer again for the past two nights. Wow, its definately working. Its easier to see results on the lefthand side of my face than the right hand. Don't know why acne's worse on one side verses the other but whatever.

Oh yeah and guess what! I'm understanding math!!

I'm pretty sure its because I'm making a better effort to pay attention and I don't question what information they are telling us. Before I was always "There's no point to this!" But now I understand everything that seemingly had no point was building the base for the more complicated math which I am now starting to delve into. Its actually, . . . fun :shhh:

I'm also doing real good in spanish. I wish I was taking it next year but thats too many complicated classes and I wouldn't be able to continue with Spanish 4 which is what I'd want to do if I took Spanish 3. Guess I might be able to switch into it but yeah you know. Whatever happens happens.

Oh! And I think I'm going to a hockey game today! I wish I was going with someone who wasn't playing in it so I'd have someone to talk to but you know, I wanna see my friend play goalie(sp?)

And yeah! I'm all happy and stuff ^.^ nyee

Well I should go before I,...forget something. pfft. Screw math hw. OKAY BYE


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