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Dose 19



Dose 19 down and its not good news. Definitely experiencing the initial breakout! It's not any worse than bad breakouts I've had in the past, but compared to the great results I was seeing the first few days of treatment I'm kind of bummed. Fortunately the zits seem to be going away really quickly and are just under the surface of the skin. Also the little white heads that have been sitting under the surface for months are now coming up. :shhh:

Lips are super dry- had to switch to Aquafor.

Back is killing me! All my joints ache after I run.

Don't know if its some of the depression symptoms or if I'm just feeling self conscious but I've definitely been kind of down the last few days. right now my sister's showing me a friend of hers on facebook that got a boob job for her graduation present... from highschool... makes me feel like there is no hope for women's lib and no place in society for a woman suffering from a little acne. My curves are ample- i'm not jealous- just... dissapointed in this girl's parents for buying them for her, for this girl for being stupid enough to think that fake tits are going to give her a happy life, and at the media for promoting this LUNACY!!!


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