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day 15..not doin good



I hardly have words to say. i am so discouraged! my acne is just absolutely disgusting and to

make things better, i have like a dry skin beard! its flaky and nasty all over..

my friend wanted me to go to the movies tonight and i said no because i just can't go out like this. i could hardly make it through school, i just wanna cry.

i get new pimples every day, new blackheads, new pustules, and that gross stuff..NEW EVERY DAY! i dont get it! i guess thats why im discouraged, because i just think, how can this get better?

thank goodness school is getting out soon and i can keep my disgusting face to myself! i can't wait for next year though, new face, new confidence, maybe i'll start acting like a normal highschooler and go out on the weekends:)

well, it is very hard to go through this, but my hope is in the Lord. He is my strength every day, he gives me the perseverance to keep pushing:) i found the perfect Bible verse last night too! its Romans 8:25 - But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

meaning, im hoping for the wonderful end result of accutane (that i dont have yet) and while its excrutiatingly hard, i wait for it patiently:)

The Lord is good! ♥Lu


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Don't worry, stress might actually contribute to your IB! I was so depressed the first two weeks too, but I eventually stopped caring and went out anyways! My friends knew it was only temporary and my family knew it was going to clear up, so my breakout didn't even phase them. In fact my own boyfriend didn't even realize I had a breakout (boys can be oblivious haha). So I'm just letting you know that I haven't hit the miracle part of the cycle where everything starts clearing up, but have faith because we'll have hot, clear skin in a little bit :)

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aw thank you! it really is hard and i know stress can probably make it worse so im going to try to relax a little more! haha but thank you for the encouragement (:

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Keep your hope and faith. Stay strong! You CAN do this.But consider working at the problem from a new perspective.You keep trying to fix a problem on the outside, when the problem starts on the inside.Try fixing it on the inside. A new diet change, something of the sort.Perspective can change everything.Keep your hope in the lord! God bless you!

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