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glycolic acid



Right, I've come to the conclusion that the green mask is not going to work for me a well as I want it to. If anything, its best use is to dab on inflamed spots, as it does seem to calm them down.

Other than that, it just seems to be a nice face mask, very good at clearing oily skin but not an acne cure (not for me anyway -skin too dry)

My skin lately has become frazzled, dry, feels like I've been out in the Sahara desert for a week with no water. Looks very dehydrated. And I'm still SPOTTY!!!!!!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! :shhh:

So last week I stopped at the Estee Lauder counter at my local chemist and decided to go for some high end products. I've got a cleanser and toner best suited to dehydrated skin. I also got a night repair synchronised serum from ebay as it has rave reviews and is 'miraculous' stuff. Also got some estee freebies: estee's time zone spf 15 day cream, estee's day serum, estee's wrinkle lifting serum and estee's eye cream. I've applied them all and my skin does look cleaner, pores are smaller but it's still dry. Early days yet though and I am impatient. I do like the spf 15 day cream so far.

Last night I was at my wits end (again), skin still looked awful and I felt really low. I've had some glycolic acid stored away for quite a while, bought it on ebay but never got round to using it. I got a kit where you can mix the strength of the peel yourself. Did a bit of research and decided to go for 25%. Put it on (yes it stings) and left it on for 4 minutes. Rinsed off, then cleansed & toned, applied moisturiser. I'm very pleased with the results. Skin looked scarily radioactive last night, but this morning it just looks radiant. Pores very small, fine lines across my forehead have virtually disappeared, and it doesn't feel dry at all. Still have the remainder of my latest breakout but that just needs to heal. Really quite excited about glycolic acid as the change overnight is so dramatic. Feeling good today.

I'm going to apply again in a week.

I'm also going to start using 20% azelaic acid cream soon (waiting for it to arrive)


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