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6 weeks down...



Mosquito bites have gone down and just look like regular spots now...I think the Differin must have helped a bit :shhh: Have just had a crazily busy weekend - had to entertain some work people so have had 2 nights out in a row -I just want to do my yoga before bed and read my book so it's going to be a short entry (the book is v good; called Eat, Love, Pray! and i highly recommend it if you're female).

Differin: Normal application although i have missed out the moisturiser a few times because my skin seemed to be moist enough afterwards and I think moisturising my neck isn't helping the cysts there! Lots of blackheads coming out still (which is all good!). Skin on cheeks and forehead is looking smoother whereas neck and jawline are still looking bumpy and uneven...2 active cysts at the moment. I also noticed loads of blackheads today in the back corner of my jaw which i'm sure are not normally there.

Do you think that the Differin could be affecting my eyes? They have been really sore all week...think it maybe from the pillows?!

AHA: Skin is smooth again and chest is looking much better. Back had 2/3 big cysts this week but they went down really quickly - hope thats the last of them!

Exercise: 2 x Davina, 3 x yoga (I always start the week off so well and then Thursday madness takes over and I don't do anything again till Sunday!)

Diet: OK but not much fruit and the usual oily chinese foods.... :shhh:

Alcohol: Can't really remember but a lot on Friday night and 4/5 drinks on Saturday - the hangover was baaad Sat morning so must have been 4 pots of sake in the Teppanyaki plus a couple of vodka coke's!!! :cry:

Mood: Stressed in the week with crazy work stuff and I've been a bit emotional as my Chinese colleague's baby has been diagnosed with Leukemia - really sad and she is going to have trouble paying for medical because she's quitting her job to look after him. Means i have more interviews to do starting next week too...

Pictures: Still not managed to post them as my internet connection here is pants!!!!! lol!


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