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Week Fourteen: Day Ninety-Three



Alright, so I've had a TON of candy and a TON of chips and I feel TIRED and DRAINED and FRUSTRATED XD. Blerp. I think my phone fell out of my pocket at school somewhere in the grass v.v I called it too so someone might of found it who won't give it back to me :cry:

But yeah,..four hour rehearsal with breaks and a ton of food. I wore a housecoat and pajama bottoms :shhh:

But anyways my skin's doing fine I guess. I can tell there are a lot of potential breakouts under the skin, it almost looks patchy. I knew this idea of clear skin was a stupid dream. But its better than before and I will be thankful for it, but re-ordering the regimen is going to become more and more of a chore. I may go ahead and use accutane. I'm scared but if I use it in the summer---

Edit: Found my phone. It was in the grass. Go me.

But yeah,..accutane is still possible but I'll stick with the regimen for now. I'm hoping adulthood with grow me out of acne.

On another note my love life has flatlined. There is a person/are people I like but,..there's no way they'd ask me out. They aren't really relationshipy types. So even though I feel attractive there really isn't anyone other than that person/people I want to be with at this point,..so I guess I'll stay single for a good long while. Give me time to better locate myself. And if by some freak chance they do genuinely ask me out,...then I'll enjoy it :shhh: But I won't get my hopes up. No point in that. Besides if it does happen it'll be that much more special because I wasn't expecting it.

Anyways I'm tired and still have to put BP on before I can go to bed. Night.


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