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One month



It been one month around now I think...cnt be bothered to count actual says but yep its one month take or add a day.

So today i went for my check up to the derm and took a blood test. My derm has kept me on 40 mg for another 2 months, he said its the most compatible with my weight, i only weigh 46kg.THta about its really.

Interms of side effects....only very dry and flaking lips. Some facial dryness etc...wat i mentioned before.

in terms of spots...hmm well is this was just the intial breakout It looks like im coming out of it. THey have dried up. and I dont think i have got any news ones for about a few days...hard to tell when you have so many! :shhh: dry scaly skin patch still there on the right arm.

derm did say it was early days but I love the fact my skin doesnt go even a teeny but oily by the end of the day, whereas before by the end of my days it was sooooo oily when i pressed my face with a finger my finger would have so much oil on it. argh it was horrible. My face looks matte now which does take off that bit if relief from acne.

I generally am pretty down because of the dam red marks I have. which accutane does not take away. I cnt wait to be acne free, then wait 6 months and get a series of microderms to fade them. I cannot wait to have normal skin. I just hope it happens for me. I hope evyerday that just let this one work PLEASE.


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