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bloody hormones



well my blood test came back and good news, I dont have Poly Cystic Ovaries

the bad news is that I still have no answers but thats the usual really

I also didnt have a fasting blood glucose outside what is considered "normal" BUT not much research has been done into acne and levels of fasting blood glucose... my glucose was within the normal range but very low.. 4.2 I think, almost hypoglycemic. so iiinteresting

my friend (who is a GP) looked miffed that I stopped trying antibiotics and thinks I should try oxycycline.... claims 84% of people dont have a relapse after... i find no evidence to back this up on pubmed.... but maybe i just didnt find the right study.

he said my back looks worse than he ever saw it, I explained that its always bacd just before my period but it is quite shit at the moment I have to agree... but i am literally about to come on.

i also have been eating high GI, eating chocolate, having milk at work and I have stopped using jojoba oil.

I want to try the diet thing before doing antibiotics again, I dont like vomiting and the yellow teeth and the temporary and dependant nature of the treatment.

benzoyl peroxide is EVIL on my back, hurts so I cant sleep :shhh:

I signed up to the new surgury with the lovely female doctor I saw last time so I look forward to working with her on my skin

at present:

I get about 5 hours sleep a night

I drink 0-3 glasses of water a day

I eat hardly any fibre

I eat alot of high GI foods

I still have some milk in my diet

I often dont have veg

I only really eat clemontines as fruit

so maybe address these one by one under GP supervision then try medical stuff....

I am interested in nicomide as a next step :shhh:



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