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119 days into Accutane



So it's been 119 days now and i'm telling u time flies! i can't even remember when i started taking this medication. Things have been going well not much has changed since last month i didn't break out at all not even one small zit! it's all super clear but i noticed small red dots underneath my skin i hope they don't pop out i don't think i can deal with breakouts any longer. the red marks r still there so i still need to cover them up with concealer and foundation and all that crap but otherwise, i'm not complaining! I've been able to go out in the public with my friends and actually have a good time i don't mind people staring at me closely and my confidence has been incredibly risen.

maybe these small red dots are because of stress cause i have my finals coming up next week and i've been having all these fights with my "friend" she like literally stabbed me in the back but that's because she's jealous her crush likes me so HAAA!!!take that bitch! lol well i don't mean to sound slutty but it's not my fault and i've been loyal and honest to her from the beginning it was obvious he doesn't like her but noooooooo she wouldn't listen! she thought i was jealous of her and she started talking bull about me. she even asked him to be her boyfriend and he refused! is there a bigger sign than this that the guy doesnt freakin LIKE YOU!!! oh well my life at this moment is in a mess and i still have 2 months of accutane to go hope it gets better i need to relax a bit i'm gonna visit my friends in toronto next week so that should be fun!

I HOPE SO!:shhh:

btw u can never get rid of the eczema for good while u're on accutane it just keeps coming back so u need to moisturize daily remember moisturize!!!! have my derm's appointment in 4 days so will let you know what he says!

pffffffffffft i need a massage!! and sun lol a bientot!!


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